Full Service Chimney Cleaning & Services

Ellis Carpet & Chimney Cleaning is a full service chimney company servicing York County, SC and the surrounding area. We specialize in chimney cleaning, inspections, caps, dampers, stove inspections, relines, repairs, and much more.

Ellis Carpet & Chimney Cleaning offers a range of safety and maintenance services to help care for your home. We inspect, clean, service, and repair a number of areas vital to the structure and safety of your home. All chimneys should be inspected annually and swept when needed to remove byproducts of combustion (such as soot and creosote) and to maintain draft so that dangerous fumes can exit your home.

Without proper maintenance, a fireplace can be a great health and safety hazard. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect and diagnose your fireplace needs.

Ellis Chimney Cleaning is committed to providing excellent customer service and professionalism to ensure the best chimney service available. We can clean, install, repair, and customize caps, dampers, liners, stoves, chimneys, and much more.

Our Standard Services

  • Chimney cleaning
  • Chimney inspections
  • Chimney repair
  • Chimney installation
  • Chimney products
  • Animal removal
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